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Martopearl Alloys Pvt Ltd (MAPL) is expertised as Cast Alloy Steels Suppliers based at Patancheru, Hyderabad. Our Cast Alloy Steels Suppliers offer cast alloys with wide variety of dimensions with high quality to fulfill the client requirements.

By considering the budget constraints in offering cast alloy steels, our suppliers introduced advanced technology machinery in order to export the products at affordable prices. And we take the necessary precautions in packing the products while transporting them.

Specifications of Cast Alloy Steels:

Here are some basic specifications of cast alloy steels. Along with these we can add some other elements to obtain the desired alloying effect.

Manganese: Above 1.65%
Aluminum up to 3.99%
Copper above 0.60%
Chromium up to 3.99%
Silicon above 0.60%

Applications of the Cast Alloy Steels:

Features of Cast Alloy Steels:

Our Cast Alloy Steels Suppliers offer products with upgraded technology and in all standard national and international grades. Mostly the cast alloy of steel has enough shock resistance. The durability of cast alloy steels depends especially on precipitated carbides that reside in the alloy microstructure.

We are providing cast alloy for our loyal customers including design, engineering and molding as per their specifications. We have the capability to handle a broad range of projects which require high work force and high grade quality in a massive range. Our philosophy is to provide customers quality products with reasonable prices. As a result of our quality service today we are the leading high quality Cast Alloy Steels Suppliers in Hyderabad.

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