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Segment Items
Cement Industries & Related Original Eqpt Mfrs. Cooler Grate Plates, Inner & Outer Segments, Kiln Inlet Trays, Lifters, Lepol Plates, Lepol Plate Links, Kiln Tip Castings & Other Spares, Immersion tube, Carrier Frames, Chain Links, Crushing Hammers, Blow Bars, VRM Spares, Tubemill liners of Inlet, Outlet, Lifting, Classifying and Diaphgram Liners etc
Crushers Spares & Related OEM's Fixed Jaw Plates (42x30, 44x32, 46x36), Mavable Jaw Plates (42x30, 44x32, 46x36), Concave, Montel, Side Plate etc
Fertilizers & Chemicals Tube Sheets, Pump Casings, Impellers, Valve Actuators etc
Furnace Manufacturers & Steel Plants Furnace Fixtures, Nose Castings, Furnance Beam Castings, Roof Hangers etc
Mining & Minerals Division Cooler Grates, Kiln Nose Rings, Precipitator Thimbles, Burner Tips, Iron Ore Feeder Rolls, Traveling Grate Components, Grate Bars, Side Plates for Pallet Cars and other Wear Resistant Alloys
Naval & Defence Launchercomponents, Missile Fins, Missile Components, Valve & Pump Housings, Propeller Shaft Sleeves, Controllable Pitch Propeller Hubs, Clutch Winch Drum Assembly, Hatch Rings, Seal Housings, Shaft Housings, Shaft Sleeves etc
Steam Turbines Inner & Outer Casings, Guide Blade Carriers, Valve Casings, Bearing Pedestals, Bearing Covers etc
Turbine Compressors Suction Diaphragm Castings, Intermediate Diaphragm Castings, Discharge Diaphragm Castings etc